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Representing District 3

I want to represent my District.  Please e-mail me with your concerns.  If elected by the people, I will represent the people.  

Homeless In Long Beach

Homeless.  As a parent driving from district 3 to schools daily for the past 5 years I have seen an increase in homelessness.  I drive through District 3, and see people everyday.  I often will hand my own breakfast out the window of my car.  My own son, often gives his own money to those foraging in the trash for a meal or bottle of water.  This is not the Long Beach I want for my children.  The Homelessness Education And Response Team may be the answer to this issue.  

Build the pool

Where did the pool go? Make sure we rebuild and put the trophies back up on the wall. Long Beach history has been erased with the demolition of the Belmont Olympic Pool. This city and its people are tied to this history. Where has Long Beach history gone? We are known as the aquatics capital of America. The Olympic pool needs to be rebuilt in Belmont Shore. 


I am for Long Beach preservation and history. The people I have talked to do not want the Land Use Element in District 3.  

Sorrento Alamitos Bay trail project

Sorrento Alamitos Bay trail project is a waste of Taxpayer dollars. Too expensive and unwanted by Naples residents. As a resident I find that water access currently is easier from Sorrento between houses than from the Naples canals.  

Government Transparency

I want government transparency.  

Small Business in Long Beach

Keep Small Business in Long Beach.  I see so many small businesses suffering to make ends meet.  

Fiscal responsibility

Fiscal responsibility.  This is a residential issue, rather than a partisan issue.  As a resident who almost moved out of this wonderful city, I understand how important it is to keep Long Beach residents in an affordable city.  Your property taxes and sales taxes are important to me.  People do not realize how these taxes hurt all people.  

Canal construction

I am for a better canal construction experience. The Phase One residents literally shook through the first phase. Some people even lost access to our homes. Many people were late to school and jobs due to construction. We need to be able to continue normal schedules.    

Police, fire, and medical response

Police, fire, and medical response.  These are the heroes that show up in our time of need.  I understand, appreciate, and will always support these services.  In April of 1997, Fire Station 8 saved the life of my wife Michelle.  I will be forever grateful to this station.

Disaster preparedness

Earthquake / disaster preparedness.  The best plan is to be prepared.  


Environment:  Desalination is the future of clean water for costal cities in California. Is it cost-effective today for Long Beach?

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